The most critical part of any scale is the exactness of its outcomes. This nourishment scale scored splendidly in our exactness tests. It can measure things as meager as a tenth of an ounce and as overwhelming as 18 pounds. This is the heaviest measure limit of any of the nourishment scales in our survey. Just a single other scale coordinates this capacity, and a similar producer – Ozeri – makes it.

The measuring zone of this sustenance scale is an ample 53 square inches. And keeping in mind that this is not the biggest in our survey, it is all that could possibly be needed land to measure any fixing in a home-cooked feast. This present scale’s measuring region is likewise remarkable in our survey in that its whole top surface is equipped for measuring things. The various scales we looked into offer an autonomous stage, which is normally raised from whatever is left of the gadget. This scale is totally level and has a coordinated show so as to augment the ease of use of its outline.

When you measure a thing utilizing the Ozeri Touch II, you can change over the outcomes between the few estimation units offered by this kitchen scale. You should simply measure the thing and press the Unit catch to one side of the show. You can switch comes about between pounds, ounces, liquid ounces, milliliters and grams. This scale shows weights in more estimation units than any scale in our audit.

Another instrument deserving of note is the scale’s tare work. This instrument permits you to measure a void holder, for example, a bowl or pitcher and zero-out its weight. At that point you can fill the holder and measure it once more; the scale will demonstrate the heaviness of the compartment’s substance as it were. This is an extraordinary apparatus for measuring things like fluids that you can’t sensibly put on the scale without a holder.

For cooks needing a kitchen scale that joins quality with current outline, the Ozeri Touch II is one of the top alternatives. It sublimely consolidates a handy appearance with a flexible usefulness to build up itself as a critical commitment to any kitchen.


Equipped with 4 high precision sensors.
Weight Units: g /oz / fl.oz / lb
Capacity: 8200 g / 289.2 oz / 277.3 fl.oz / 8200 ml / 18 lbs
Graduation: 1 g / 0.1 oz / 0.1 fl.oz / 1 ml
Power Supply: 2 Cr2032 Lithium batteries (included)
Automatically turns off after 3 minutes of inactivity.